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"The world of things" explained scientifically

30.04.2024 -

The "A university - a book" project is running the lecture series "The world of things: insights into research, history(s), theory and practice" this summer semester. The lectures refer to the book by Bill Bryson: "A Brief History of Everyday Things", which the university is currently reading and discussing. The lectures will shed light on the scientific approaches of researchers to the topic of 'things'. To the program (in German)


Interruption to the heat supply

30.04.2024 -

Due to the installation of a transfer station for heating and cooling energy for the individual buildings, the heat supply will be interrupted from May 2 to October 4, 2024. The associated switch from the old, dilapidated heat distribution network to the new and optimally insulated pipeline network is an important step towards implementing OVGU's energy concept for a sustainable energy supply. Technical systems that require heat all year round are excluded from the interruption.

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City: Space - Knowledge - Participation

25.04.2024 -

In de-industrialized cities in particular, increasing emphasis is being placed on culture-led urban regeneration. This applies above all to the revitalization of derelict port districts for leisure, business, housing, culture and recreation. A master plan envisions Magdeburg's former commercial port as a vibrant urban district and center for innovation and knowledge transfer. The lecture series "City. Culture-driven regeneration" offers a multi-layered insight into the transformative power of culture and knowledge in urban contexts.

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General rules for written English texts

27.02.2024 -

Our corporate design (CD) is a guideline for uniform design, both for the visual appearance and for texts. In addition to the writing rules for German-language texts, translation standards for English-language fonts have now also been published to ensure a uniform appearance. Texts must always be translated into American English. The dictionary for American English by Merriam-Webster is recommended as a reference work. To the "General rules for written English publications".

New operating rules for the vehicle fleet

22.02.2024 -

There are new operating rules for the vehicle fleet of the university. They regulate, among other things, the driving of company vehicles, their use, the transportation of persons in them, what to do in the event of accidents, the performance of technical inspections, the application for and return of vehicles. You can find the complete vehicle fleet operating regulations in the university's public announcements in German.

Accepted to the Microtec Academy

19.02.2024 -

Our university has been accepted into the Microtec Academy. This makes it an official location of this federally funded, supra-regional and inter-company vocational training academy for micro- and nanotechnologies in Saxony-Anhalt. In future, OVGU will participate in the development of new, contemporary personnel development modules in micro- and nanotechnologies within this framework.

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Elected to the DFG Review Board

08.01.2024 -

Eight researchers from our university were elected to the review board of the German Research Foundation (DFG) at the end of last year. For the next four years, the eight researchers will review and evaluate funding proposals in their respective subject areas and formulate recommendations for the DFG's committees. At the same time, the review board members advise the DFG on the further development and design of its funding instruments. (more in Geman)

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New stories from the campus

20.12.2023 -

The campus magazine uni:report has been published in printed form for the last time. The anniversary issue in the 30th year of the university's existence is all about change and new perspectives - such as the conversion of the library, our involvement in the EU GREEN university network and the implementation of our energy concept. Anyone who has not yet received a copy in their in-house mail can pick up a copy from the Press Office in Building 18, Room 132, from January 2, 2024 or browse through the online edition (in German).

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Accidents at work and Christmas decorations

20.12.2023 -

In the latest podcast "In die Uni reingehört", Patrick Sievert from the Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection department talks about fire protection - how could it be otherwise in the run-up to Christmas - but also about occupational safety, accidents at work and on the way to work, ergonomics in mobile working and the laser safety officer. Listen in.

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Statutes for safeguarding good scientific practice

07.12.2023 -

The constitutionally guaranteed freedom of science is inextricably linked to the responsibility to comply with the principles of good scientific practice. Science itself ensures good scientific practice through honest thought and action, not least through organizational and procedural regulations. For this reason, OVGU has drawn up a "Statute for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice". These regulations are legally binding for all persons engaged in research or research support at OVGU.

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