New microscope in the clean room

20.11.2023 -  

There are more than 40 different devices and systems in our university's clean room. Microtechnology trainees Jamie Lehr and Alexander May have been working with them for several weeks as part of their training. A new microscope has now been added. Its purchase was financially supported by the chip manufacturer Intel. "The microscope expands the capacity for training and internships for students. It brings the technology and software for optical measurement technology in the clean room up to date," says Jörg Vierhaus, Head of the Microtechnology Unit.

During his visit to the cleanroom, Rector Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Strackeljan was shown the microscope by the trainees, learned what the new acquisition can do and found out about the training of the budding microtechnologists. The cleanroom is probably the cleanest workplace on campus, as it can only be entered with special clothing. Special air circulation ensures that even the smallest particles do not swirl around, but are pressed to the floor and discharged to the outside.

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