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Latest news
"The world of things" explained scientifically
30.04.2024  |  

The "A university - a book" project is running the lecture series "The world of things: insights into research, history(s), theory and practice" this summer semester. The lectures refer to the book by Bill Bryson: "A Brief History of Everyday Things", which the university is currently reading and discussing. The lectures will shed light on the scientific approaches of researchers to the topic of 'things'. To the program (in German)


Interruption to the heat supply
30.04.2024  |  

Due to the installation of a transfer station for heating and cooling energy for the individual buildings, the heat supply will be interrupted from May 2 to October 4, 2024. The associated switch from the old, dilapidated heat distribution network to the new and optimally insulated pipeline network is an important step towards implementing OVGU's energy concept for a sustainable energy supply. Technical systems that require heat all year round are excluded from the interruption.

City: Space - Knowledge - Participation
25.04.2024  |  

In de-industrialized cities in particular, increasing emphasis is being placed on culture-led urban regeneration. This applies above all to the revitalization of derelict port districts for leisure, business, housing, culture and recreation. A master plan envisions Magdeburg's former commercial port as a vibrant urban district and center for innovation and knowledge transfer. The lecture series "City. Culture-driven regeneration" offers a multi-layered insight into the transformative power of culture and knowledge in urban contexts.

Expertise in otolaryngology and tumor surgery

Prof. Dr. Martin Durisin is the new Chair of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery and Director of the University Hospital of the same name. His research focuses on auditory neuroprosthetics and chronic inflammation as the core of immunologically driven diseases.

Several international students in the lecture hall

Staying in the country

OVGU is being supported with 1.2 million euros to improve the prospects of international students staying in Germany. The DAAD's "FIT - Förderung internationaler Talente zur Integration in Studium und Arbeitsmarkt" program supports two initiatives that prepare international students linguistically and culturally for working in multinational teams right from the start of their studies.

Photo camera

Seeing through the lens of a camera

The university is reading Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Everyday Things" together as part of the nationwide project "One University - One Book". The book motivates us to take a closer look at the so-called little things. This is also the aim of the accompanying photo competition "Your kitchen - my kitchen", to which all OVGU members are invited.

For a sustainable and healthy campus

Five employees gained new ideas and plenty of motivation for their work at EU GREEN during a staff week at Ireland's Atlantic Technical University. Katrin Burgmann experienced four days of intensive work, exchange and networking with many personal encounters.

What else?!
Academic Fixed-Term Contract Act (WissZeitVG) adopted
20.12.2023  |  

After months of stagnation, the Federal Cabinet has now approved the reform of the Academic Fixed-Term Contract Act (WissZeitVG). According to Federal Research Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger, the reform will bring about a number of improvements, as the aim is to increase predictability and reliability for academics in the early stages of their careers.
However, a broad alliance of student and employee representatives as well as trade unions criticized (in German) that the draft now presented still largely corresponds to what was withdrawn in June 2023 after devastating criticism.

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